Are you feeling stuck in your business?

You want to earn more money, and you know that this pretty much comes down to increasing your rates and/or doing more marketing. Sounds simple but it's far from easy.

If there is one thing I've learned over the years of being 'the boss' it's that personal development goes hand in hand with professional development.

You can buy all the books, do all the courses and read all the blogs, but actually implementing the marketing strategies required to grow your business can be daunting.

As a coach, I can help you make the changes you want to make but feel unable to do on your own.

What does a coach do?

There is a lot of confusion about what coaching is and how it differs from consulting. In fact, until I started my coaching certification, I was also quite uncertain of the difference!

This is how I think of the two processes: a coach believes that you have all the answers but need someone to help you find them, whereas a consultant gives you advice.

While  I can give you business advice, based on my skills and experience as an editor, the focus of this coaching program is to help you identify what is stopping you from growing your business. There is no point simply being given business  advice if you are not able to implement those strategies due to fear, imposter syndrome or other limiting beliefs.

A good coach knows how to provide a safe space, ask the right questions and support you in taking the next steps in your life and in your business.

How does the coaching program work?

We will work together over two months. First we'll start with an intake call (60-90 minutes) where we'll look at what's held you back in the past, what's most important to you and what your want to achieve in our time together. Then, over the following two months, we'll have 4 x 50-minute coaching  calls (usually a call every 2 weeks), with unlimited email support in between sessions.

Together, we'll establish what you want from your editing business, explore your values and mindset and set achievable tasks that you will do between our calls, to work towards your goals, whether they be more clients, more money, more free time or something else. This might sound simple on the surface; however, sometimes this requires you to look deep within at the beliefs you hold about yourself, money and other things.

My aim is a coach is to become redundant. I don't want to you be forever reliant on me to have all the answers and keep you accountable. Instead, by looking at and addressing what has stopped you in the past, my hope is that, eventually, you will have the confidence you need to continue growing your business.

In my experience, confidence begets confidence. Once we feel confident, marketing feels easier. The more marketing we do, the more clients we get. The more clients we have, the easier it is to put up our rates. It's a cycle, and I'm here to get you started.

What does the program cost?

The cost for this two-month program is A$1500 (Australian dollars; GST will be added for Australian residents). 

Often, spending a significant amount of money on your business can feel a bit scary. Don't worry, that is totally normal – I know that feeling! For some, it can be motivating and inspire them do the work to get the most from a program. For others, it can be a relief, to know that someone is there to provide the help they need. And for others, it can be empowering, knowing that they are investing in themselves and their business. However, if the thought of spending this amount of money fills you with dread or anxiety because you will not have enough money to pay all your other expenses, then now is not the right time for you to work with me.

I want to know more. What do I do now?

If you're interested in coaching, contact me using the button below. I'll reply via email and together we can decide if an obligation-free discovery call is the right next step for you.