When you understand and empathise with your ideal clients, marketing can be fun and rewarding — yes, really!


Connect With Your Ideal Clients

Create AND implement a marketing plan that attracts the best clients for you

For freelance editors who want to attract more of the right clients, without feeling 'salesy'

Right now, you are desperate to build a flourishing editing business, but you can relate one or more of the following statements:

You are working long hours for low pay and don't have the time or energy for fun in your life.

You aren’t earning enough money but are too scared to increase your rates.

You are worried about being judged as 'sleazy' if you promote your business anywhere.

You don't want to turn away work, even if the project is on a topic you aren't interested in.

You hate the thought of marketing.

You have created a website and don't understand why clients aren't finding you.

You are terrified of posting about your business on social media.

You are worried about what your editing colleagues will think about you promoting yourself.

You know things aren’t working, but the only solution you can think of is to read more books on marketing, and that doesn’t help you take the action that is needed to grow your business!

The good news is that it's possible to find more clients in a way that doesn't feel 'salesy'

Without knowing who your clients are, it is impossible to do any meaningful marketing. Instead, you find yourself shouting into the void, talking about things that no-one else is interested in, or resorting to simply saying 'hire me' over and over again.

Once you've done Connect With Your Ideal Clients, you'll be able to come up with a marketing message that you're excited to share and that will attract the people you want to work with.

Connection is the key to success!

Once you are clear on who you and help and how you help them, and if you feel genuine empathy for your ideal clients and confident that you can solve their problem, marketing can be fun:

even if you have never done any marketing before

even if you don't like social media

even if, right now, you don't believe it's possible for you.

What this course will help you do

Develop a clear vision

Use the guided prompts to paint a picture of a life that you really want, including work that you actually enjoy.

Realise what's holding you back

Identify the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from creating the editing business of your dreams and learn how to overcome them.

Learn how to take action

Start thinking differently about yourself and your business and create a marketing plan that you actually want to implement.

We're all different, so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work when it comes to marketing. 

There's a lot of information available about marketing, but information alone is not enough. If it were, then you'd probably have read some marketing books and now be happily running a profitable business.

The reason it's so difficult to implement what we learn is that it requires a clear vision of who we help and how we help them, and then confidence to share our message with the world.

I have combined my years of experience as a freelance editor with my training as a mindset coach and my study of marketing principles to create a curriculum that will help you feel like a confident and successful business owner. Our feelings are critical, because unless we truly embody the role of business owner, we will stay stuck in a situation where we are not telling anyone about our business and then simply relying on the few random enquiries that land in our inbox.

What's in the modules


Stage 1: Reframe your beliefs to take action

The way you think about yourself and your business really is the key to success. If you have already decided that you can't do something, then it's going to be pretty hard to do it, because our actions are a consequence of our thoughts and how those thoughts make us feel.

In this module you will look at your beliefs about money, niching, marketing and selling. You'll learn how to reframe them into more positive but realistic light so that you are ready to implement what you learn in the rest of the course.


Stage 2: Listen to your heart to create a vision for your life

Before we go any further, we need to focus on you: what do you really want and how to do you need to be to get that? This will form the foundation of the rest of the course and, therefore, the foundation of your business.

In this module you will remember why you started your business, uncover your values that are most important to you and envision your future. You'll also choose a niche to focus on for the rest of the course and think about how you need to be to take marketing action.


Stage 3: Know your ideal client to build empathy

Unless you know who you want to work with, you will find it hard to create a service that people need and are happy to pay for.

In this module you'll find out how to better understand your ideal clients: decide who you want to work with, learn what they want and know their objections to hiring an editor.


Stage 4: Create the right offer to attract interest

If you're not creating an offer that people want, no-one will buy from you — sad but true!

In this module you'll learn how to create an 'elevator pitch' that focuses on who you help and how you help them. You'll also learn how to package your services and price with confidence. 


Stage 5: Build a network of your ideal clients

There are SO many ways to grow your network that it can be overwhelming to know where to start. The most important thing is to start with strategies that you feel reasonably comfortable with and that will make it easy to reach your ideal clients.

In this module you'll create a marketing ecosystem that works for you, to connect with your ideal clients.


Stage 6: Create content that connects

A common comment that I hear from editors is that they don’t know what to write about in their content marketing, whether it be on social media, email newsletters or blog posts.

In this module you'll talk about how to create content that has your ideal clients excited to work with you.

Many editors think that 'build it and they will come' is an effective marketing strategy. Sure, if you have been editing for a long time, you might have a big network of repeat and referred clients. But if you're starting your freelance editing business today and don't have any clients, you need to be proactive. 

There are lots of writers out there who need your help, but most people in the world don't understand the publishing process and don't really know how an editor can help them. That's why it's so important that you are demystifying the editing process and helping authors see how their work will be better after editing. 

Simply waiting for authors to work this out and then come and find you will probably result in very few, if any, clients.

So, that's the bad news.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be difficult to start marketing your business! The struggles that I see freelance editors having with their business are usually because of their mindset (they have decided they are not good enough or don't want to be seen), their reluctance to choose a niche (because they are scared that they will miss out on work, even though they don't really have much work right now) and their uncertainty about how to get started with marketing (because they don't know how or because they are overwhelmed after reading ALL the marketing books out there).

The other good news is that all of this is covered in Connect With Your Ideal Clients!

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up

In-depth worksheets

Worksheets to help you work through your blocks and make a plan for your future business success.

Live Q&A

Weekly Q&A calls, to help you work through any blocks you may have.

A supportive community

A Facebook community where you can connect with others who are on the same journey.

Ongoing access 

Ongoing access to course content so you can revisit the material later as well as new material that is added later.

Here’s what people are saying about the program

Edit Boost E Course

Jennifer Yankopolus

I finished the class knowing the steps I want to take to grow my business and with greater confidence in my ability to do so.

After contemplating taking Malini's course for quite a while, I am glad I took the plunge and signed up. I’ve been an editor for 20 years and have always hated the marketing aspect of running a business. The idea of promoting myself makes me cringe. I learned quite a bit about marketing, my goals, and what’s holding me back. Most valuable of all were the live calls. Malini is a gifted listener. She has an amazing talent to hear what’s hidden behind your words and ask you pointed questions to draw out deeper truths. 

Edit Boost E Course

Anna S

I found the modules so valuable in breaking down my mental obstacles and inspiring me to actually do this work.

I've increased my rates and have started to work on language for my website and other places I have (or could have) an online presence. Most important, I've gotten into the habit of working on this every week without letting fear and excuses get in the way. Thank you so much for creating this course.

Edit Boost E Course

Laura Whitmore

I would recommend this course for any editor needing that nudge to boost their income, and for me it  performed 100% as advertised.

Malini's positive outlook is realistic and grounded, and she’s supportive while also reminding you of other perspectives, choices, etc. 

About the course creator,

Dr Malini Devadas

I completed a PhD in neuroscience and worked in medical research before realising I enjoyed the writing more than the lab work. I've been a professional editor since 2004 and set up my own editing business in 2013.

I learned the hard way that without the right knowledge and the right mindset, it is difficult to attract the right clients and earn a comfortable income as a freelance editor. After working with some wonderful coaches and growing my business well beyond my early expectations, I decided to become a certified coach so that I could coach other editors to experience the success, ease and fulfilment I’ve been able to create for myself.

Edit Boost E Course

Since doing Malini's course I have become much more comfortable with quoting, and I no longer second-guess my (much improved!) rates. I am more confident that my skills and services are worth what I ask, and in turn this has led me to make the most of other business opportunities I might not previously have considered – things I have a little more time for, now that the financial side of things is a little more streamlined and less stressful! More than anything, Malini has completely changed my money and business mindset. I can’t recommend this course highly enough.

Editor and writer

Edit Boost E Course

Malini helped me to formalise my income goals and create a plan to reach them. I gained confidence in my decision to specialise as a freelance fiction editor - I knew I was in the right place, doing the right thing. I was able to examine and challenge my mindset around money and success, and learned how to truly value what I do. Within a few months of completing Malini’s course, I had raised my rates several times and was getting queries from and booking authors who are my ideal clients. Boost Your Editing Income is a must for any editor wanting to find direction and achieve their ideal working life.

Author and editor

Edit Boost E Course

Malini’s course has helped me reset my mindset and my business. I have finally realised that in order to have a successful business, the model needs to be correct — and what I want — to attract the right sort of customers. Malini makes suggestions about how things can be and what choices you can make. Her course is like a structural edit – it offers the recipient new ways to shape the story that is your business.

Author and editor

Ready to grow your editing business?

I'd love to have you join our community of editors who are stepping into their confidence and putting their businesses out into the world. Will you join us?

Single payment

All prices in Australian dollars; GST added for Australian residents






do I really have to do marketing to get clients?

Yes! I know that a lot of editors hate the thought of marketing. But unless you have a network or an audience, how will anyone know about your business unless you tell them about it?

Think about all the writers out there who have no idea about editing or publishing and so never think to hire one. And think about the fact that the best way you can help an author is to edit their manuscript. Doesn't it make sense to promote your services so that more authors (the ones you want to work with) can get the help they need?

When you think of marketing as helping authors solve their problems, it will feel much easier.

I'm just starting my freelance business. Will this course help me? 


A lot of business owners spend way too much time creating a website or a logo or a business plan instead of getting clients. Of course, at some point you might need those things, but my belief is that getting clients should be the highest priority. No clients = no income!

i've had my business for a long time but i'm feeling bored with it now. would it be worth me doing this course?

It is not uncommon for experienced editors to want to change their niche. But when they think about making a change, it all feels too overwhelming.

The early modules of Connect With Your Ideal Clients help you work out what you really want to be doing with your business and your life. From there you can create a marketing plan to find more of the work that you feel excited about doing.

How much time will I need to do the coursework?

Since you have lifetime access, there is no rush to finish everything in a month or two. In fact, it is worth taking some time over the early modules that help you delve into your mindset and what has kept you stuck so far in your business journey.

Having said that, why not see if you can find 30 minutes twice each week, even if you start by watching some of the previous coaching calls or asking questions in the FB group.

I know you're busy. I get it. But I also know that if you don't do something different the nothing is likely to change.

When are the live coaching calls?

Currently I do one call each week, alternating between Thursdays 10am and 8pm Sydney time. This means that some calls suit those in North America and the other ones suit those in Europe. Days and times may vary throughout the year, but all calls are recorded, and you can post your questions in the FB group in between the calls as well.


Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

I'm proud of the course I have created because I know it works! But I also know that it can feel scary to invest in your business and in yourself. That's why I'm standing by the claims I have made here and am offering you a 14-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked!

I want you to feel confident that this is the best program out there to help you change the way you see yourself so that you can take marketing action. And the best way to feel confident in the program is to have a look around. So I'm inviting you to join, start the modules, participate in the FB group and show up to the group coaching calls.

If after all of that you believe that the course is not for you, for whatever reason, I will happily give you a refund. You just have to email me 14 days after purchasing the course and I'll give you your money back. No strings attached!

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