Did you know that your mindset is probably the number one thing stopping you from growing your freelance editing business?

Introducing Boost Your Editing Income

A group coaching program to help freelance editors feel more confident, find more clients and earn more money

Right now, you are desperate to build a flourishing editing business, but you can relate one or more of the following statements:

You are working long hours and don't have the time or energy for fun in your life.

You aren’t earning enough money but are too scared to increase your rates.

You don't want to turn away work, even if the project is on a topic you aren't interested in.

You hate the thought of marketing.

You know things aren’t working, but the only solution you can think of is to read more books on marketing, and that doesn’t help you take the action that is needed to grow your business!

What will this program help you do?

Develop a clear vision

Use the guided prompts in the Module 1 workbook to paint a picture of a life that you really want, including work that you actually enjoy.

Realise what's holding you back

Identify the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from creating the editing business of your dreams, and learn how to overcome them.

Learn how to take action

Start thinking differently about yourself and your business and create a marketing plan that you will actually implement.

We're all different, so a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work when it comes to marketing. 

There's a lot of information available about marketing. But information alone is not enough. If it were, then you'd probably have read some marketing books and now be happily running a profitable business.

The reason it's so difficult to implement what we learn is that it requires a clear vision of who we help and how we help them, and then confidence to share our message with the world.

I have combined my years of experience as a freelance editor with my training as a mindset coach and my study of marketing principles to create an e-course that will help you

Here’s what you’ll get when you sign up

In-depth workbooks

Four weeks of training videos and worksheets covering your vision, your money, your messaging and you mindset.

Live Q&A/group coaching 

Two group coaching calls each month, to help you work through any blocks you may have.

A supportive community

Meet others who are on the same journey by joining our Facebook community.

Ongoing access 

Ongoing access to course content so you can revisit the material later as well as new material that is added later.

Start boosting your editing income now

If you're not sure about working with a coach but want some guidance on how to grow your business with a community of like-minded editors, then my e-course may be right for you.

I’ll show you how to change the way you think about your business and your skills, which will help you charge more and hear the word ‘yes’ from more clients.

"Malini and her course taught me to put my desired income first, let go of work that was not fulfilling to me, and stop being shy about charging new clients a fair rate."

Laura Whittemore - Kingbird Editorial

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About The Course Teacher,

Dr Malini Devadas

Dr Malini Devadas completed a PhD in neuroscience and worked in medical research before realising she enjoyed the writing more than the lab work. She began her editing career in 2004, working in house at a small consultancy firm; in addition to learning her editing craft, she also learned a lot about running a business.

In 2013, Malini set up her own editing and writing coaching business. Since then, she has spent much of her time studying marketing and realising that mindset is the biggest thing holding back most sole traders.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Edit Boost E Course

Jennifer Yankopolus

I'm glad I took the plunge and signed up

After contemplating taking the Boost Your Editing Income course for quite a while, I am glad I took the plunge and signed up. I’ve been an editor for 20 years and have always hated the marketing aspect of running a business. The idea of promoting myself makes me cringe. I learned quite a bit about marketing, my goals, and what’s holding me back. Most valuable of all were the weekly live chats. Malini is a gifted listener. She has an amazing talent to hear what’s hidden behind your words and ask you pointed questions to draw out deeper truths. I finished the class knowing the steps I want to take to grow my business and with greater confidence in my ability to do so.

Edit Boost E Course

Anna S

I found the modules so valuable in breaking down my mental obstacles and inspiring me to actually do this work.

I've increased my rates and have started to work on language for my website and other places I have (or could have) an online presence. Most important, I've gotten into the habit of working on this every week without letting fear and excuses get in the way. Thank you so much for creating this course.

Edit Boost E Course

Laura Whitmore

I would recommend this course for any editor needing that nudge to boost their income, and for me it  performed 100% as advertised.

Malini's positive outlook is realistic and grounded, and she’s supportive while also reminding you of other perspectives, choices, etc. 

Ready to grow your editing business?

Learn more about business mindset coaching for editors. What's stopping you?