Episode 2: What are the pitfalls to think about if I use contractors in my editing business?

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Contractors in your editing business

Featured editor question: AJ from AJC Publishing
“What are the pitfalls to look out for when growing a team of contractors?”

When you have too much work on as a sole trader, it’s common to start wondering if it’s worthwhile bringing someone else on to help. You need some help but you don’t want to lose control of your business.

In this episode, I discuss three key areas to consider when using contractors in your editing business and how you might minimise your risk and grow your business with confidence.

Firstly, there’s the concern over maintaining the quality of your work. How can you choose a contractor with the right skills? How can you ensure your output standards will be met?

Secondly, you might feel like no-one can do the work in your business like you can. That may be true, but there are ways to hand on that knowledge and think of how you could benefit from pulling open the curtain on what might have become messy or inefficient processes.

And finally, it’s true, having others on board results in a bigger management workload. So don’t get caught out by letting the “unpaid” admin hours absorb your earnings. There are a few tactics you need to master to stay ahead and earn a reasonable profit.

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