Episode 50: Five things I’ve learned from 50 episodes of the Edit Boost Podcast

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Things I’ve learned from 50 episodes of the Edit Boost Podcast

I’m not really one for celebrating the numbers in business but this one seems significant. I’ve now recorded 50 podcast episodes, being a mix of solo shows, coaching calls and expert interviews. I receive lots of positive feedback about the value of the podcast, and I’m so glad to be delivering value through this medium.

The podcast is also a tool in my business. Presenting this podcast has come at a time of growth for my business as well. While I’m committed to helping editors develop their mindsets for business success, I, too, found my mindset changing in the leadup and throughout producing this podcast.

In this, my 50th episode, I’m sharing with you the top five things I’ve learned over the course of this podcast that I hope will be of value to you in starting and growing your freelance editing business.

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