Episode 37: How can I establish healthy boundaries in my editing business?

Malini DevadasPodcast

How can I establish healthy boundaries in my editing business?

Featured editor: Carly Catt, Catt Editing

Do you feel compelled to behave a certain way to please your client? Wanting to be seen as helpful and approachable, you’re responding straight away to after-hours messages.

Pretty soon you’ll be resentful of the feeling of being at someone’s ‘beck and call’. And your client will have developed a false expectation of you and your business.

Many of us don’t apply healthy boundaries for working with clients at first, because we’re trying to please and impress them.

If you’re feeling a bit stretched by client expectations, it’s time to take a look at setting some boundaries. Having clear boundaries helps you and your clients to clarify expectations about how you’ll work together in a mutually respectful way.

Carly wanted to know how to develop trusting relationships without being too casual with clients. In Carly’s case, she often built a rapport through social media interactions. But moving clients through to a professional relationship can happen through taking small steps in the right direction.

We talk through measures Carly can put in place now to avoid problems arising later.

Remember, it’s your editing business and you get to run it the way you want to.

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