Episode 43: How can I handle my overflowing inbox?

Malini DevadasPodcast

How can I handle my overflowing inbox?

Featured editor: Belinda Pollard, Small Blue Dog Publishing

Is your overflowing inbox taking up precious time in your day?

Belinda is rather like me, a multi-passionate editor with many different interests. But looking into all of the multiple opportunities that come her way leaves her constantly busy and working long hours to get through the work that does get booked in.

We talked about some ways to screen enquiries to help protect her time for the leads and proposals that would be the most profitable or worthwhile for her.

It can be challenging to make the time to take a step back but it’s important to take control of your time and reduce the feeling of running from enquiry to enquiry. Getting a big-picture perspective on what you want out of your business and worklife can be helpful to dig yourself out from under the weight of an overflowing inbox.

If you’re spending more hours on busy-work than client work, perhaps these strategies would be useful to tame your workload.

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