Episode 52: How do I change my editing business to a new niche?

By Malini Devadas

May 25, 2021

How do I change my editing business to a new niche

Featured editor: Michelle Waitzman, http://michellewaitzman.com

It’s fairly common for editors to pick up whatever work is going, even if it’s not their ideal type of editing, type of project or type of industry. We think, ‘we’ll do this for a while until that ‘thing’ comes along…’, the ideal project that will set us on the path to the work we most enjoy. But after a while it’s become a habit to do the same work, and we’re stuck, getting known for doing work that we’re not keen to continue doing.

Today’s guest, Michelle, wonders if it’s the right thing to change the pattern of work she’s been doing and seek out the work she’d enjoy more, even if it doesn’t pay well.

So, I challenged that assumption. How do you know you won’t find clients who will pay you well for doing the work you love?

But be mindful of what messages you keep telling yourself about the thing you really want to do.

In today’s episode I discuss with Michelle how she could change her positioning to attract the work she most wants to do. We discover, as we’re near the end of our chat, that zeroing in on what it is that we love can mean peeling back the layers of habit we’ve built up over the years of striving for a successful editing business.

Is it time you stepped back to consider whether you’re fulfilling your life and business goals?

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Malini Devadas

About the author

I've been a professional editor since 2004. These days, I work as a mindset and transformational coach, helping editors find more clients by becoming confident marketers.

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