Episode 35: How do I find editing clients when I’m starting out?

Malini DevadasPodcast

How do I find editing clients when I’m starting out

Featured editor: Liz Charpleix, Iris42 Editing Services

Finding those first clients is always challenging. And when you do start engaging with new prospects, how can you seal the deal and lock in that editing job? If you’re finding it hard to know where to look to connect with clients who need your services you’re not alone. 

Our clients sometimes don’t know what they’re looking for either! They might not know how to engage an editor to do the work for them. So, the onus is on us to do the hard work, and get creative, to search out clients and to lead them through the onboarding process, with clear pricing and payment processes. 

Even when you do start with the people you know, making the approach can be awkward. To build up your client base, you need to work on demonstrating your value and being confident, focusing on what your potential clients need.

In this episode we discuss various ways to get started with finding and engaging new clients.

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