Episode 34: How do I manage client enquiries when I have more work than I can handle?

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how do I manage too many client enquiries

Featured editor: Laura Portwood-Stacer, Manuscript Works https://manuscriptworks.com/

Are you getting more enquiries than you can handle? It’s a good problem to have! But it can be a real drain on your time and energy. Laura’s in this position at the moment. She works with scholarly authors who are working on books and shows them how to write scholarly book proposals. With one-on-one services as well as online courses, she’s always booked out and turning enquiries away.

We all want to help the people who come to us for editing services. But you’re only one person and there are only so many hours in a day. You’ll need to find ways to address the enquiries you can’t respond to personally. Otherwise you’ll be spending all your time on admin, responding to prospects.

In this episode with Laura, we discuss some options for Laura to consider when the enquiries are pouring in, so she can give her attention to her existing clients while also being helpful to prospects and her network of fellow editors.

We also talk about pricing. This topic comes up often when I’m talking with editors. You might find some of this discussion useful for your own situation.

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