Episode 63: How do I overcome my fear that enquiries will stop coming in?

By Malini Devadas

August 10, 2021

How do I overcome my fear that enquiries will stop coming in

Featured editor: Elen Turner, Elen Turner Editorial Services

Given the challenging times we’re in, it’s understandable we can feel afraid of not having enough work. This worry can lead us to taking all the work we can, even if it leaves us stressed out and overwhelmed. And the recommendation is always to continue marketing, even in good times, so we continue to have clients ‘in the pipeline’, opportunities lined up at the end of each project.

After bouncing back from an unfortunate loss of work during 2020, Elen is now in the position of being overwhelmed with jobs and yet worrying about continuing to attract new clients.

With barely any time to do marketing for her business, she’s afraid to slow down while also trying to carve out time to create the breaks and the lifestyle she wants, with part-time business hours.

We look at how to say no to work that doesn’t serve you, and how keeping metrics on your business activities can help you to gain perspective on your ability to gain and retain clients even during the tough times.

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Malini Devadas

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Hi, I'm Malini! I've been a professional editor since 2004. These days, I work as a mindset and transformational coach, helping editors find more clients and earn more money.

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