How do I take the first step to market my editing business?

It’s time for you to do the work!

I know many editors find promoting their businesses challenging. While there’s no shortage of marketing training and even the most basic marketing action – putting out a social media post – doesn’t take much, there could be any number of reasons why the action never happens. I talk about some of these underlying ‘limiting beliefs’ in this episode.

Most commonly, I hear ‘I’m too busy. I don’t have time for marketing’.

So, let’s find out if time is really the barrier.

This week, your challenge is to do one action to promote your editing business. I know some of you will find this really hard. If you do feel confronted by the thought of making your business more visible, it’s a good chance to sit with that thought and dive into why you’re uncomfortable.

If you need some help to work through what the issues are for you, you can book in a call with me or join my e-course and group coaching program ‘Boost Your Editing Income’.