Episode 20: How many clients do you need?

Malini DevadasPodcast

How many clients do you need

Have you ever thought about how many clients you actually need?

I ask this because when I work with editors on their marketing message, one of the first things I’ll suggest is that they choose a niche (or maybe a couple). At this point I am often met by a lot of resistance from people who are scared they will ‘miss out on work’ if they narrow down their offerings.

And, full disclosure, I have that fear too!

But when we get worried about all the work it’s going to take to promote our business and generate a lot of leads, it’s worthwhile taking a step back to consider how many projects we really need each month. Wouldn’t we rather be doing work we’re passionate about rather than things we don’t enjoy? If so, it can make sense to spend a bit of time to narrow down our target market.

What I’ve learned over many years is that even when we think we’re being specific, we can be a lot more specific!

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