Episode 44: Is cold-calling the best way to get more clients?

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Is cold-calling the best way to get more clients

Featured editor: Eve White, White Editing

Thank you to our featured editor Eve who has opened up to the challenges so many of us experience in the search for clients. This is the episode we all need to hear. We cover a lot of ground, including niching, your marketing message and method, and the all-too-common imposter syndrome.

Whether you’ve moved into editing after a career in a particular field, or have been doing a small amount of editing and are wanting to ramp up your business, the best advice is to use your networks, right? But what happens when the networks we had in the industry have faded? We’ve contacted all the people we know and had a few successes, but now what?

In today’s episode I talk with Eve about how she can find new clients when she’s coming back to the field she used to work in – science and academia – and doesn’t have many active contacts anymore.

When ‘cold-calling’ or reaching out to new people to find new leads, it’s important to be clear on who you help and how you help them. I know I’ve said it before, but ideally you need to identify your editing niche. It makes it so much easier to market your services when you can target your message.

Add to that the old imposter syndrome showing up, making you feel not qualified enough, and reaching clients you can help with your editing services can feel tough.

Are you ready to back yourself and put your message out there?

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