Episode 58: Top 5 mistakes: Relying on emotions rather than metrics

By Malini Devadas

July 6, 2021

Relying on emotions rather than metrics

When it comes to running a business, it’s really important to acknowledge our emotions. Our actions come from how we feel. So while most of us want to be given a to-do list, most of the time that isn’t enough. We have to change the way we think and feel in order to do the things we need to do to find more clients and earn more money.

However, when it comes to some business decisions, we need to look at the numbers and NOT rely on our emotions.

For example, when you’re spending time and energy on creating content to promote your business, but not getting any enquiries, it can be tempting to say ‘it’s not working’ and then stop doing what could be valuable marketing (if directed to the right place). Or alternatively, you could try to do more of it, hoping that will work. But more of the same won’t necessarily help you get results.

You’re much better off examining the data, then making evidence-based decisions to know where to put your effort.

People might not be seeing your great content, so it could be just a matter of actively sharing what you have more widely, rather than writing more blog posts. Or people could be seeing your content but not staying or engaging with it. So you could put more work into your copywriting to make it more compelling or make the call to action clearer.

Using online tools to analyse what your problem is, rather than jumping to conclusions with only the feeling that it’s ‘not working’, can help you use your precious time and effort most effectively to boost your business.

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Malini Devadas

About the author

Hi, I'm Malini! I've been a professional editor since 2004. These days, I work as a mindset and transformational coach, helping editors find more clients and earn more money.

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