Episode 6: What do I do when a project doesn’t pay enough?

Malini DevadasPodcast

The value of editing

Featured question from Vivek Kumar, Indian Copyeditors Forum:

“What do I do when a project doesn’t pay enough? How do I educate the client that the rate offered does not match with the work involved in the project?”

This is a common experience for many editors. You know the value of editing and what you need to be charging, but then you keep getting work that falls short of your target income/rates.

I’ll be tackling these two questions separately because there are two issues at play here.

One is whether the client understands the work involved, and the other is their budget.

And if the budget doesn’t match your needs then education is not going to provide a solution.

What can you do to show the value of editing and get work that’s priced accordingly?

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