Episode 4: How do I stop feeling scared about asking for the rates I want?

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Setting your rates

Featured editor question (anonymous):
“How do I stop feeling scared about asking for the rates I want?”

Have you felt like this when setting your rates?

‘When I’m quoting the price, I’m fighting the panic that I’m charging too much. And then after I’ve done the work, I think I should’ve charged more.

Especially when you’re starting out, it’s easy to underquote and then regret it later.

If you’re feeling scared about setting your rates, it’s usually because you think you can’t afford to lose the job opportunity. You’re worried about whether you’ll win the job and you’re not sure when the next job will come around.

When you find yourself in a panic, it could be because you feel you don’t have other options.

Being desperate to win the job, means that you’ll probably lower your price to ensure you’ll get it.

The way to get past this fear about setting your rates is to market yourself better. Putting yourself out there to generate more enquiries is how you’ll know that there are more jobs on the way.

It’s a widespread problem that people in our profession have difficulty promoting themselves well.

The way to do it is to be more confident.

If you wonder how you’ll ever get comfortable with setting higher rates and sticking to them, have a listen to this episode where I’ll be talking about how to get more confidence in your business.

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