Coaching services

I know the struggles of running a sole-trader business. You're either overcommitted with your editing projects and have no time to work on the business, or you're desperate for work but not sure how to find it. Feast or famine. You feel scared to even look at your finances and, anyway, in your mind, only greedy people think about money.

How would it feel to have someone help you? Someone who has been in your shoes, who knows the industry and who has experience in helping people to grow their business?

When you work with me, you will have the opportunity to get clear on exactly what you want from your business. Things like how many hours you want to work, how much money you want to earn and the types of projects you enjoy doing. Rather than taking on any old project that comes your way, learn how to clarify what you want and then discover ways to go out and get it.

I am not taking any more coaching clients until 2019 when I will be launching two new coaching programs.

Until then, I am offering a one-off 'pick my brain' business strategy service.

‘Pick my brain’ strategy session

In this one-off, one-hour call, you get the chance to ask me for advice on any aspect of your business. It could be about your pricing or your niche or how to get more clients. It could be about your marketing strategies or your website or whether you really need a blog. Or maybe you're just feeling burnt out and want someone to help you work out how to turn your business around.

The cost for this session is $100 (Australian dollars).


Sound good? Let’s book it in!

If you're interested in signing up for this one-off session, contact me using the button below. I will then email you my online scheduler where you can pick a time that suits you for the call.