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I'm a coach who helps editors earn more money

If you find it challenging to grow your business as an editor, you might be stuck thinking you need to find more clients, take on more projects or work more hours.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Work with me and you’ll find out how to:

  • Raise your rates

    Understanding your values will help you earn what you want and need

  • Work fewer hours

    Increasing your rates means you won't need to work as much

  • Have more time for fun

    Freeing up time for rest and relaxation will make life more enjoyable


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Who am I and why am I qualified to help you?

I'm Dr Malini Devadas and I live in Canberra, Australia.

I've been a professional editor since 2004 and set up my own editing business in 2013. I learned the hard way that without the right mindset, it is difficult to increase your income. I've benefitted from working with some amazing coaches over the years.

These days, I'm working as a coach myself, so that I can help other editors. Since launching Edit Boost in 2018, I've enjoyed working with editors from all over the world — no matter where we live, the issues are the same!

Edit Boost

Coaching services

When you hire me as your business coach, we will work together to explore the following topics:


Uncover the beliefs that are holding you back


Determine what you want to earn and set income goals


Create a plan to let your ideal clients know all about you

Mastering your mindset is the key to growing your business as an editor.

If you’ve ever had the feeling:

  • you need to get more clients because the current ones aren’t paying enough
  • you could raise your rates but you’re afraid people won’t hire you
  • you could secure more of your ideal clients if only you were more confident

then you could benefit from my business mindset coaching.

Boost Your Editing Income E-course

If you are not sure about working with a coach but want some guidance on how to grow your business with a community of like-minded editors, then my e-course may be right for you.

I’ll show you how to change the way you think about your business and your skills, which will help you charge more and hear the word ‘yes’ from more clients.

What’s included:

  • Live round of 4 weeks of training videos and worksheets
  • Weekly group Q&A calls with the course instructor (me!)
  • Ongoing access to course content so you can revisit the material later
  • Supportive Facebook community to help keep you on track

Are you ready to transform your mindset to grow your business as an editor?

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