Episode 49: How can I boost productivity and get more paying clients?

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How can I boost productivity and get more paying clients?

Featured editor: Kerry Murphy, Kerry Murphy Editor

When you’ve come from a high-pressure work environment where multi-tasking was the norm, it’s not unusual to carry through those work habits to your freelancing efforts. There’s so much to be done when running your own business, and it all seems important. The pressure you feel to need to do it all at once can lead to you spreading yourself too thin.

If, like Kerry, you’ve found yourself running from client work to sample edits, from blog posts to client onboarding, from content creation to social media posts, with no clear path for what’s most important, you might benefit from our discussion in this episode.

We talked about how some ‘busy’ activities are sneaky ways our brain distracts us from difficult things like putting our content out into the public or delivering editing work to a client for feedback. We instinctively resist putting ourselves in a position where we’d feel vulnerable, preferring instead to compile more background material. But that’s not going to win you more work! Once you can recognise your unhelpful patterns of behaviour, you can get more strategic with how you use your time and focus on income-producing activities.

Kerry’s now taking on board the idea of protecting her time through setting boundaries, and stepping back to prioritise her tasklist in terms of what will bring in paying clients.

It’s a process, and if this sounds like you too, maybe you can pick up one or two tips for changing your habits to increase your productivity.

I’d love to hear how you get on.

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