Episode 40: How can I view myself as a professional who makes money?

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How can I view myself as a professional who makes money?

Featured editor: Hilary Cadman: Cadman Training / Cadman Editing

Emerging from behind the work we love, to promote it to get more clients so we can do more work we love … it’s always a challenge. When you enjoy the work you do, and you love to serve your clients, it’s hard to see what you do as building a money-making business. But it’s going to be difficult to earn the money you need for living if you don’t view yourself as a professional who makes money.

It’s even more challenging when your professional identity is shifting, such as from editor to trainer, and when you’re going from recurring clients and referrals to building a new audience and pipeline of leads. Today’s episode covers tips for adjusting your mindset as well as your marketing tactics in this situation.

Hilary Cadman has been a technical editor for 20 years, working on large reports for large organisations. She started running her own editing business in 2009. Even though she’s been writing and delivering training courses since 2005 and producing self-paced courses for the last seven years, she hasn’t really thought of herself as a professional trainer. Her income is primarily from her editing work.

While maintaining a stream of income from her regular editing clients, Hilary is hoping to increase her training income.

In this episode we talk about how to reframe the way you view your business and adopt a mindset that helps you promote your work as a service to clients.

If you’re feeling stuck about how to promote your editing services online, you could share a few lightbulb moments with Hilary in this episode.

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