Episode 25: How do I choose a niche?

Malini DevadasPodcast

How do I choose a niche

Featured editor: Amber Riaz, A4 Editing

As we so often do when starting out, Amber took every opportunity for editing work in order to build momentum. She accumulated a wide range of experience in a variety of industries.

Three years down the track, Amber has begun to identify the kinds of projects she enjoys and is most suited to. She’s considering defining a niche for herself.

Amber shared her concerns about going down this path, ‘What will happen to my business if I start to narrow my field?’

This is a common fear. But there are some definite benefits to niching in your editing business. Deciding to niche can change your whole approach to marketing your business. It’s worthwhile exploring what beliefs you have about niching and to embrace your specialisation.

Join us for a discussion about what it would look like to niche in your business and how you could make niching work for you.

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