Episode 48: How do I know when to go full time in my freelance editing?

Malini DevadasPodcast

How do I know when to go full time in freelance editing?

Featured editor: Glenda Cohen, GCC Editing

Glenda is wondering when will be the right time to take the leap from her teaching job into full-time freelance editing.

While no-one can tell someone when’s the best time to transition to freelancing, there are certainly some practical steps you can take to set yourself up for success.

When transitioning into a freelance editing business, it’s common for self-doubt to creep in. Starting over can be scary and we can suffer from a lack of confidence, even if we have versatile skills and good training in editing. It’s easy to sabotage ourselves into holding off on big life changes.

If you really want a freelance business but you keep telling yourself that you can’t succeed, you’ll find it really hard to convince other people to hire you. Building an editing business is only partly about your skillset; your mindset is important too.

Glenda says she’s come away with some concrete steps to take and tips for keeping a forward-thinking mindset. While it was easy to be discouraged early on in her shift to freelance editing, Glenda has found talking about what’s holding her back and getting a fresh perspective really helped.

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