Episode 8: How do I justify a higher rate?

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Justify your rates

Featured question from: Paula Beaton, Word Nerd Copy:

How do I justify a higher rate?

Paula’s situation reflects the way many of us feel stuck when trying to reach the next level in business:

“I’m struggling to raise my rates. I find many authors simply choose the cheapest available quote after a sample edit and I struggle to land larger projects because authors think my quote is too high. How can I demonstrate and leverage my experience and skills to justify charging a higher rate?”

It’s hard to raise your rates when potential clients keep saying your quote is too high.

Continually trying to justify your rates to clients is exhausting and makes you doubt yourself.

In this episode, I’ll talk through why feeling the need to justify our rates isn’t really the issue we need to address.

I’ll help you reframe the situation and find other tactics that will help you to take on higher-paying work with confidence.

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