Episode 46: Using social media to find editing clients

Malini DevadasPodcast

Using social media to find editing clients

Are you feeling like social media is a waste of time for generating leads? Are you lacking confidence to start posting?

If you’re not being purposeful about it or taking consistent action on social media, you could be missing an opportunity to find clients for your editing business.

In this episode, I’ll be sharing some tips to help you make your social media marketing efforts more effective.

There are a few aspects I find editors struggling with, including:

  • not being in the right ‘place’
  • not getting your messaging right (TIP: if you’re only connecting with other editors, it’s time to revisit your approach)
  • relying on organic reach
  • overcomplicating things.

I’m often asked about how to market on social media and I think many listeners will find these scenarios familiar.

Take a fresh look at your social media activities and make sure you’re using social media as an effective tool in your marketing toolkit.

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