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Are you an editor wanting to grow your business?

The Edit Boost Podcast is for you.

A podcast for editors in business

If you’re stuck on an issue that is blocking your business growth, have a listen to the Edit Boost Podcast. You’ll be hearing me talk through some familiar challenges around growing your editing business.

As a coach I help new and seasoned editors to solve their business challenges in a way that works for their particular circumstances.

I know many of us are encountering common problems around money, marketing and mindset. When we do, it can really help to know we're not the only one dealing with a sticky situation, or fighting to get some clarity among the overwhelm.

With the Edit Boost Podcast I’m sharing my 16 years’ experience in developing my editing business, bringing you a fresh perspective and the reassurance you’re definitely not alone with your challenges!

In Season 1, I invited editors to let me know what was holding them back from achieving their business goals. You might find some of these situations resonate with you.

For Season 2, I tackled even more of my FAQs where my insights could help you face your fears and push past the blocks that are holding you back in business.

In the third season of the podcast, I'm excited to be answering live questions from editors who want help with their business.

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If you want to continue the conversation, join my free Facebook group, the Edit Boost Community.

There are more than 900 editors in this group, all of whom want to grow their business and support other editors doing the same.

A rising tide raises all boats. I want editors to work together to raise the profile of the profession. I'd love for you to join us.

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What others have said about working with me

I've just finished a one-hour Pick Your Brain session with Malini to talk about my editing business. I expected to get some helpful perspective on the anxieties that are keeping me from getting my business to where I want it to be—and Malini did give me that perspective—but more than that, I came away from the session with at least three concrete new programs to implement in my business over the next weeks, months, and years. The session was worth every penny, not only for the confidence and peace of mind it gave me, but also for the new sources of income I'm going to be able to generate now. I will certainly come to Malini again when I need another boost for my editing business!

Laura Portwood-Stacer, Developmental editor and publishing consultant for academic authors, manuscriptworks.com

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