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A podcast for editors in business

On the Edit Boost Podcast, I help new and seasoned editors to solve their business challenges in a way that works for their particular circumstances.

I know many of us are encountering common problems around money, marketing and mindset. When we do, it can really help to know we're not the only one dealing with a sticky situation, or fighting to get some clarity among the overwhelm.

I share my 17 years’ experience in developing my editing business, bringing you a fresh perspective and the reassurance you’re definitely not alone with your challenges!

Building an email list of people who are interested in your business, so you can contact them directly, is a great idea. We’ve talked about email marketing on the show before, when I spoke to email expert Yael Keon (Ep039 ‘How can email marketing benefit my editing business?’). It’s recommended to have an email list

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A rising tide raises all boats. I want editors to work together to raise the profile of the profession. I'd love for you to join us.

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