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As a coach I help people to solve their business challenges in a way that works for their particular circumstances.

Each of us is different. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

However, I know many of us, as business owners, are encountering common problems. When we do, it can really help to know we're not the only one dealing with a sticky situation, or fighting to get some clarity among the overwhelm.

Stuck on an issue that is blocking your business growth? It can really help to give that issue some airtime and get a fresh perspective.

I invite you to ask me your most difficult business question and I'll answer it on my Edit Boost Podcast.

This is a chance for you to be bold and ask for help. And you can do so, knowing that your question is going to help others in your shoes. We all have so many lessons to experience in this business "journey", and everyone is learning along the way.

So, send me your question via this form below and you might hear me answer it on the Podcast. If you're selected to feature on a Podcast episode, I'll also give a plug for your business!

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Latest episodes

Check out the latest episodes of the Edit Boost podcast:

Episode 10: How can I get clients to send work on time?

Edit Boost Podcast Episode 4

When clients drag their heels in submitting content, one minute you’re left with gaps, and the next you’re scrambling to get the work done. In this episode I’ll give you ideas on how to gain better control of your workload.
[Listen to Episode 10]

Episode 9: Managing emotions and a freelance business in uncertain times

Edit Boost Podcast Episode 4

How are you handling the uncertainty in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic? We’re people, as well as business owners, and we need to take care of all facets of our personal and professional wellbeing.
[Listen to Episode 9]

Episode 8: How do I justify a higher rate?

Edit Boost Podcast Episode 4

It’s hard to raise your rates when potential clients say your quote is too high. Continually justifying your prices is exhausting. I’ll discuss how to approach obtaining higher-paying work.
[Listen to Episode 8]

Episode 7: Should I have two websites or just one for my writing and editing services?

Edit Boost Podcast Episode 4

Do you need two websites for writing and editing services, or one all-purpose site? How can you make it easy for your audience(s) to connect with your services?
[Listen to Episode 7]

Episode 6: What do I do when a project doesn’t pay enough?

Edit Boost Podcast Episode 4

You know what you need to be charging, but then you keep getting work that falls short of your target income/rates. What can you do to show the value of editing and get work that’s priced accordingly?
[Listen to Episode 6]

Episode 5: How do I manage my feelings of doubt about my ability to find work?

Edit Boost Podcast Episode 4

Push past the doubts and connect with more clients – I’ll help you manage that doubt and share your message with confidence.
[Listen to Episode 5]

Episode 4: How do I stop feeling scared about asking for the rates I want?

Edit Boost Podcast Episode 4

If you wonder how you’ll ever get comfortable with setting higher rates and sticking to them, have a listen to this episode where I’ll be talking about how to get more confidence in your business.
[Listen to Episode 4]

Episode 3: Specialist or generalist? Should I niche my editing business?

Thinking of specialising but unsure if it’s a good move? Getting stuck at this crossroads can stall your marketing efforts – what to put on your website? What content will you use to promote your services? In this episode I’ll talk about whether niching could be the right decision for you.
[Listen to Episode 3]

Episode 2: What are the pitfalls to think about if I use contractors in my editing business?

When you have too much work on as a sole trader, you might wonder if it’s worthwhile bringing someone else on. You need some help but you don’t want to lose control of your business. In this episode, I discuss three key ways to minimise your risk and grow your business with confidence.
[Listen to Episode 2]

Episode 1: Introducing the Edit Boost Podcast

What’s holding you back from achieving your goals in your editing business? Is it time to overcome these fears and make the progress you’ve been dreaming about? Join me, a business coach for editors, as I answer your questions on Money, Marketing and Mindset.
[Listen to Episode 1]

What others have said about the chance to pick my brain

I’ve just finished a one-hour Pick Your Brain session with Malini to talk about my editing business. I expected to get some helpful perspective on the anxieties that are keeping me from getting my business to where I want it to be—and Malini did give me that perspective—but more than that, I came away from the session with at least three concrete new programs to implement in my business over the next weeks, months, and years. The session was worth every penny, not only for the confidence and peace of mind it gave me, but also for the new sources of income I’m going to be able to generate now. I will certainly come to Malini again when I need another boost for my editing business!

Laura Portwood-Stacer, Developmental editor and publishing consultant for academic authors, manuscriptworks.com

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